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      1. 高端 品質 省心
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        OF BRAND
        ? ? 臺州市景湟機械有限公司位于浙江臺州,是一家專業致力于吹瓶機、模具及 配套輔機的綜合企業。 公司擁有一批從業經驗豐富的技術骨干和優秀的服務團隊,有完善的管理體系, 基于良好的信譽和一流的服務,產品覆蓋多個地區,獲得國內外客戶高度贊揚和信賴。
        ? ? 景湟不斷自我創新并引進國內外先進技術,在產品的開發研制上取得傲人的成績, 服務于各種礦泉水瓶、飲料瓶、油瓶、化妝品瓶、易拉罐瓶、果汁瓶、奶瓶、 廣口瓶、PP瓶、網球瓶、糖果瓶、眼藥水瓶、太空杯等塑料包裝容器。
        ? ? 公司遵循 "以質量求生存,以創新求發展,以市場為向導,以服務為宗旨" 的經營理念, 愿與各界同仁精誠合作,共創輝煌。

        Taizhou Jinghuang machinery seat in Taizhou, Zhejiang, is a professional commitment to blowing machine, mold and ancillary auxiliary machine Integrated enterprise. The company has a group of experienced teachnical backbone and excellent service team, has a sound management system, based on good reputation and first-class service, product coverage in many regions, domestic and foreign customers highly praised and trusted.
        Jing Huang constantly innovate and introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, in the product development of the proud achievements, serve a variety of mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, cosmetics bottles, cans bottles, juice bottles, bottles, Wide mouth bottle, pp bottle, tennis bottle, candy bottle, eye potion bottle, Space Cup and other plastic packaging containers.
        Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development, market-oriented to serve for the purpose of" business philosophy, Willing to cooperate sincerely with colleagues from all walks of life, create brilliance.
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